Thinking, Deciding.

Ive been thinking, which is nearly always a dangerous thing for me to do and definitely is when my other half does it…………dangerous for my bank account that is, not me personally, or her personally…..but anyway, Ive been thinking………..

I read somewhere that its thought that deciding to be happy makes you happy…….hmm,….well, also what about being poor or not poor? I was doing ok before I went to uni, then after uni, it went very pearshaped……………and i think i have a handle on at least part of that reason. I decided that as a mature student I shouldnt have to pay the student loan. If I had gone through education the normal way I would have been of the generation who got university education absolutely free, so why should I pay for it now? This being the case I decided I wouldnt earn enough to have to start making repayments. This has worked so far. And each year the bill goes up as they add interest to it. And then I saw that government spends so much money on death and so little, comparitively , on life and I decided I wouldnt earn enough to pay income tax. I have thus far succeeded in this too. Unfortunately, this has also led to me not having much spare money and life has become a struggle. I know of other people this could be applied to, too, but I wont mention their names. But I think their need to have a creative life and to not be bogged down by the need to clock on and clock off, and to be able to come and go almost at will, far outweighs the desire to make a good living. They have become, as we have become, quite good at being poor. One could almost say they and I have decided to become poor and now its really rather difficult to get out of that rut. I for one, would love my artistic efforts to become financially viable and, in fact, I would now quite embrace the idea of making so much money that I start paying income tax and repay the student loan. Im frankly sick of being penniless. I know what i should be doing. I will let you know when I start to do the things I should be doing…….and if I stop being poor too……………I just need to make that decision. Simples !!!

SP_A0069(its an egg , in this context representing rebirth)

Love all , hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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