Pose. Posing.Poser.

So today I worked……….but not in the taxi, and not in the studio……..but in the liferoom at Adult Ed. Leicester on Wellington Street. I arrived like this


with a duffle coat to keep warm, and a wooly hat, and gloves, and hiker socks, and walking boots………….met the tutor in reception………her eyes fell below my waist but other than that there was nothing. Upstairs in the liferoom, I removed the winter warmers and stood around being briefed on what was going to be the course of the day as students came in and , as far as I could see, nobody was taken aback. Indeed, one man came up to me and talked assuming I was one of the students.

I got undressed, and we got on with things, and all of the mature students did some good work, and all of them chatted happily to me not once mentioning the elephant in the changing cubicle.

DSC_0933[1]and this was at the half way point of one of the students.

So, nothing happened, to speak of , except that that was what happened……..nobody spoke of what might have been expected to be spoken of. Is this a good thing? This is a good thing, isnt it. So, it ended at 4.00 and I walked back through Leicester to my car ( at this point I was going to insert a video of me walking through the city, but Im buggered if I can find it so you will just have to use your imaginations)

So, basically , a good day……..apart from the part where I had to change out of the skirt in order to not incur the displeasure of the other half of my sky. Ah, well…….

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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