Feminine. Vulnerable. Available.

Im aware that some people see clothing as being gendered in some manner, and Ive always assumed it to be a male thing. That fear of turning into a woman from wearing clothing that is loose and airy, free, and maybe swishy. But………..there is always a but……………today on FB a woman told me she feels comfy in trousers (not male) but when wearing a skirt she feels feminine, vulnerable and available. This was said to me by my female, one week younger than me, cousin. She says she normally dresses like a baglady as she is a landscape gardener but sometimes she likes to fem up in a skirt………………..hmm……I dont feel feminine when skirted at all. In fact, if anything, the opposite. I feel more masculine, manly, confident. Maybe its a power thing because after all, it takes a REAL man to wear pink !!!

But the lady FBfriend used interesting words. Words I wouldnt expect to see. For instance, she said she feels vulnerable…………and she likes that feeling………I can understand that vulnerability. I imagine the biggest fear going through ladies minds is that of being raped and to that extent a skirt is the worst thing to wear, as it allows such easy access to “that” part of a ladies body. Which makes me think the skirt was never designed for women. Its a stupid thing to wear if your afraid of the big bad man gaining easy access to nether regions you want to keep secure. She also said it made her feel available…………AVAILABLE?………..The idea that wearing a skirt tells men that you are available, presumably for copulation, is something I had never thought of , would never think of. This has never entered my mind before. So, then, a woman wearing a skirt is signalling to men the way one of those apes with the shiny red bottoms signals to boy apes………wow……….women are so complicated………..its no wonder men and women just dont understand each other.

And I still dont believe that clothing is anything more than that, clothing.


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