Was. Didn’t. Got.

Ah, so, young friends of all ages, today was the today I was to speed off to Worcester and meet up with a uni colleague and mate, Clair, in order to purloin some screen printing frames. I was going to go something like this;


but in the end I went like this;


So, what Im saying is……….nothing goes to plan.

I set off then realised I should perhaps add fuel to the meagre amount I already had in the tank. Then, I thought, ok, better put the satnav on………….except then I realised I had forgotten the satnav holder, so had to return home which, thankfully, was only around the corner from Tesco and the fuel pump. Having retrieved that and  installed said satnav I checked the time. OMG! it was now the time I said I would be there and I still hadnt left the car-standing gravel in front of my bay window. So I sent a text to Claire who responded immediately, telling me she was already in her office……..oh dear…….guilty feelings welling up. I sets off.

15 miles into the journey and the rain stops. Which means the dirt thrown up by vehicles in front clings to the windscreen and I remember that the screen wash motor no longer works. I have to look through the fog of dirt.

Then the satnav decides it doesnt like being stuck on the windscreen and promptly dives onto the dash………where it has to stay because Im on the motorway and I cant fiddle with it, but at least the lady who lives inside it keeps talking to me so I dont get lost…….and………….amazingly………I arrive at my destination.

The moral of this tale is this…………it all works out in the end……………I think.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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