I put out the idea of me and somebody else, primarily because of someone else being so much clevererer and funny without knowing it than me, making a tv show along similar, but not the same as, lines of QI.  Had a good response to that so……….now what do I do? Follow it up? Ignore it? I have these ideas that seem to live in bubbles, float up and then burst into little drops of nothingness.


I had the idea that I would be a writer, and to be fair I did make the attempt. I could wallpaper my old bedroom with rejection slips. I did get a couple of articles printed………….I even got paid for one of them…whoo hoo !!! and then the bubble burst , pierced by the sharp needles of self doubt.


I had the idea that I would be a very succesfull taxi driver and make loads of money………but that bubble lasted as long as the first repair bill on my own cab…….now it just about pays the bills in a company car.


I had the idea that I would be a fabulous lifemodel and, to be fair, that did happen, but, in the end, the bubble burst because age, and this I have in common with dancers, pricks the bubble.


I never had the idea of being a great dancer but it didnt stop me taking ballet lessons at the grand old age of 39. That was never a bubble though. More of a blip………but also it did help me in the lifemodel bubble and, of course……………..no, lets not get onto that subject again.

I had the idea of being a professional artist in the arts in education field, had two lots of mentoring courses paid for by Creative Leicester, interviews, etc., etc., never got the gigs, and then funding was cut and that was another burst bubble.


I had the idea of being a professional artist, selling my paintings and sculptures and making enough money to do nothing else but be creative………..this is the current bubble. So Im wondering how long before it bursts too. Im wondering if I was serious when I suggested the QI show or if that was part of the needle set to burst another bubble.

Because I have these ideas.

Oh, and now I have these screen printing frames…………..

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes.

Isi Tart.


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