Intellect. Tips. Future in our hands.

Had a tip this morning………….no, not the good advice type of tip, such as dont eat yellow snow, the monetary kind. This same old chap gave me a £5 tip last week, and today he gave me a £13 tip !!!!! I remonstrated with him, but he insisted so………..thank you very much sir. I shall put it towards a kilt.


This made me think of a certain person in my aquaintance who is clearly a bit of a genius, even though they think its just intelligence and that people who are not seen as clever are basically just intellectually idle……ha! And then I thought about another , much younger person, in my aquaintence (ive spelt that word two diferent ways so that at least one of them will be correct, then when asked, I can say the wrong one was a typo…………Im not as daft as I look) who, whilst at uni, struggled with painting when clearly she was soooo much better with photography. She refused to pursue photography because she found it so easy and therefore, in her way of thinking, couldnt have as much value. It took me (not me alone, although I would like to take the entire credit) probably a whole term to convince her that she should use photography to express her ideas, because if she found it easy it must mean she is good at it and should therefore employ it.  Im happy to say, she now has an MA and is running succesfully a small mental health charity that utilises art with its clients. She is very happy.

So, this other person of my quaintance has talents too. Uses them for fun it seems to me. Has beliefs that get in the way of turning this talent into something financially succesful. Seems to prefer to live in poverty. Actually states that having less is desirable, then bemoans that life on the streets is close at hand……………….I dont know this aquaintance well enough to say drama queen, but its so tempting…….and its so annoying to me when people with such talents dont use them to better the state of their, and their loved ones lives.  Jealousy? yes, of course. Some of us, and I include myself in this, bang away with something because we are driven to do it, are not as good as the best, but much better than the worst, but still cant seem to use our creative obsession to further our lives.

Intellectual idleness? Intellectual snobbery? Excuses.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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