Communication; often not as clear as a bell, but so important. So the one who is another (if you dont know who, you are missing out) complains regularly about their own lack of clarity and their success at failing to communicate via their fantastically triculated tropes (omg, its contagious!) so when they said they had decided to write a second blog and therefore splitting what they had to say between the two in order to make it more concise and precise I was , to say the least, um, a bit interested………however…….yes, its like a but, but longer………having read the original blog of this exotic eccentric Im now wondering if the fact that the address of this second blog is conspicuous by its absence means that whats actually happened is the original blog is actually both blogs ! it has two headlines, two subjects…….are they clues? And so, the communication becomes as clear as pondwater…………..just like normal.

On a similar yet very diferent note…………today a lady said “whoo, I like you in your………(a second of silence)……joggers..>>very smart “. And all the way to her home in my cab she wouldnt stop talking . I supposed this to be how she covered up her little faux pas……but it was a compliment, she just couldnt bring herself to say tights………..funny how that little word has such a huge  impact.

Similarly, in a completely diferent manner, in Britains Great Sewing Bee on the telly dominoe in the corner…..a man in the show turned a demim shirt into a skirt, held it against himself to demonstrate something to the camera then quickly moved it saying “Im not going to wear it , of course, that would be a bit weird”……..that communicated something………something negative, sexist, and outdated……….I almost turned over to another channel, I was a little bit angered at that. Amazing the power of speech. The word is mightier than the sword !!!

penmightierthanswordLove all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes.

Isi Tart


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