Open26, Celebrity Kilt, Pizza

so yesterday, friday the 13th (the same number that formed the title of my painting that was accepted……….as pointed out by Danielle Vaughan) was the Private Viewing and award giving evening of the Leicester Open Exhibition 26. It was a fabulous evening. I cant recall the last time I enjoyed myself so much. Actually I can. It was my wedding.

I wore my kilt. My wife wore her scowl. We bumped into Bali Sangha-Jenkins, another artist with work in the show, outside and immediately wifey apologised for my attire, ” I dont know whats going on with you lately” ,she said to me earlier. But Bali surprised her by saying she should be proud of me ! She should be supporting me in my choices as we artists have to express ourselves!!! Good for Bali !


Once inside, and armed with a nice glass of red wine and a nibble , we listened and applauded as the awards were given out. A number of people won more than one award, which must have been very gratifying for them. One of the award winners was Tim Fowler, of KLA, who is having a fabulous 12 months of making art and babies.

But, more to the point…………..I was nicely accosted by a lady, a mature student at DMU, Sue Robinson, who recognised me from Facebook. We had a nice little chat. And then another lady, who turned out to be her friend and who gave her business card to wifey, strode up to me and complimented me on my kilt. The two of them then proceeded to photograph me with first one and then the other of them. I felt like I was a celebrity. I felt like I had won an award! I was hoping at this point to be able to borrow one of the images but I cant find her Facebook page…………so another time maybe………..anyway……

We had to leave the one building and enter another building to see the actual artworks. So off we went. As we shuffled through the small entrance of Newarke Houses Museum one of the officials asked me what the tartan was, I told him it was Pride of Scotland, not a clan tartan as I dont have a clan of my own in Scotland.

DSC_1087[1](this is me in my kilt)

Its really strange how me wearing a kilt made me the centre of attention. But I rather enjoyed it. It was so like my wedding, where, for once in my life, I was the focus. I would quite like some more of that!

Here is the painting which was accepted into the show (#13;Angel)


Going home I suggested we go for a meal but she opted for a pizza instead so we walked into the house with pizza and my son, Samuel, accepted a slice of my marguerita and said abosolutely nothing about my kilt. Im sure my other half was hoping he would as she had said earlier, to Bali, that my sons wouldnt go out with me dressed like that. But I think she may be wrong as youngest son has a friend who always wears a skirt, and clearly Sam isnt worried by the sight at all. Hahaha, so, so far the points are all in my favour !

Had a fabulous evening and hoping for more of these things. You cant get enough of success.

Love all , hurt none and walk in soft shoes


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