Warhol’s timing.

At the private viewing night of Open26 I was accosted, in the nicest possible way (to quote the great Kenny Everitt), by Diane Sinclair who just loved my kilt and insisted on taking a picture of me with her friend Sarah Robinson Croxall………….

Steve-Robinson-and-Sarah-Robinson-Croxallshe wanted to get my knees in but, as you can see, she didnt quite make it sooooo……….if at first you dont succeed, get your friend to take one of you with the celebrity……


I felt really good about this celebrity, and I didnt even win an award and, as my wife liked to keep telling people, Im not even Scottish!, but do you need to be Scottish to wear a kilt? The Irish and the Bretons are not Scottish, yet they wear kilts, and although the Americans and Canadians might be able to trace their celtic roots back to a few hundered years ago, I can trace my Welsh roots back just two generations (grandmother). The Scotts, Irish, Welsh and probably the Bretons, are all celtic, are they not? Amanda will of course come up with some other race or tribe but we all know what WE mean , dont we? Yes of course we do………..so its fine and dandy…………and it made me partake of that Warhol moment with me enjoying the whole fifteen minutes!!

On another note, bringing things uptodate on the art front……………I changed #10:Red Bird, to Redhead in a Spotted Dress today…………..spot the diference! and tell me which you prefer and why. Just because Im interested.

#10; Red Head              DSC_1180[1]

and now……………..

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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