new paintings, religious or what? Clarkson Gear

Havent written for a while now…………did anyone notice? did anyone miss me?…………….dont answer that it  might lead to dissappointment…………anyway…… fb people will know I altered a painting to make it a diferent painting but the same-ish…………..have a look……

#10; Red Headbefore………..#10; Redbird

DSC_1180[1]after……………….Redhead in a Spotted Dress

I think you will agree its a vast improvement and is leading me to think I must purchase some quality acrylic paints.

Im also, as we speak……………….well, not literally as Im not in my studio, but you know what I mean…………..”improving” another older work.

DSC_1238[1]it used to be called, “It was decided by the committee that the wearing of sunglasses should be encouraged”, but now its going to be called, “Awaiting Bread and Fish”.  It is going to be part of my current series of religious paintings. Although maybe religious is the wrong word. Not disparaging because I do think the stories of Jesus are inspiring, and I like the metaphor of creation, but unlike many Christians I dont believe the bible to be the Word. Im pretty sure living life the way Jesus suggests can be done without the dogerel. Anyhoo………the rest of the series are looking something like this;

DSC_0919[1]Mary Magdalene

NATURE AND SUPERNATURENature and Supernature

DSC_1004[1]The Improbable Geometry of Creation

and so on to the other JC……………..Jezza Clarkson. Oh I know, you will be sick of hearing about it, but its taken a turn for the worse with the producer who sports a fat lip fame, and the guy who delivered the coup de grace, receiving death threats. Now, thats quite ridiculous. Its just a telly show, and JC is just a journalist. However, I did find myself surfing youtube last night for Top Gear moments and I found so many…..just couldnt stop smiling, laughing out loud at some points even……what a great show it was. You can go there and compare the show now to how it was back in the beginning, with serious presenters in ties, and ladies being oh so nice, and facts, facts facts, and rarely a bad thing to say about the ordinary cars they were looking at on your behalf, should you be thinking of purchasing. Dull as dishwater! But…………..there is always a but, dont you find?……..But………….you could see the format begining to take shape. They were, even then, doing road films, taking a rolls up the swiss alps (in the summer, cant have too much fun on four wheels after all, not in those days), and there are ideas that maybe the present show should have taken up in the diferent manner it came to  hold. Things such as the London Brighton run. Imagine JC moaning about how slow the old cars went, the Hamster running in front with a red flag (although the original drive was to celebrate the end of that law) and May telling us things such as the original drive was to celebrate the end of that law, just to wind up our Jezzer even further.

Sadly this type of Top Gear is now dead. No other presenters could do it justice. If …….and for me its a big if……..aunty beeb runs another show as planned in 2016 they will need three new presenters and they will have to go backwards in style, because thats safe and that will be the last ever Top  Gear series on the BBC, because it will flop. Then, just like the easter story of resurrection our intrepid trio will remerge on something like Netflix and those of likemind will, with me, sigh contentedly.

(and did you notice how I cleverly went from JC to JC? Maybe I could take over from Clarkson !!!)

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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