Shot in foot.

The other day I , and most of the town, received a newspaper style political pamphlet (originally it was called FOCUS and I used to edit it, back when the LibDems were just The Liberals). Its now called The People, which I thought might be a copyright infringement, but hey, I no longer have anything to do with them so who cares? Not I.

Anyway, I now realise that my local LibDems dont actually want to win in Hinckley & Bosworth. This is evidenced by the aforementioned newspaper style pamphlet. The front page is almost completely given over to David Tredinnick, how he was one of those fraudsters who got caught with their expenses down, and how he said recently that astrology could be helping the NHS…………and they quoted a certain well known tv celebrity professor who called the Tory candidate a complete idiot for his alternative beliefs, at that time he was commenting on his homeopathic beleifs and ridiculing him for having them…………..despite the fact that this professors wife is a practitioner!!! (divorce coming up, maybe? lol……….watch that space, just in case you are more interested than I am). |This is a shot in the orange foot though as so many people (mostly women I suggest…………..but dont shout at me, I could be wrong………..but Im not, am I?) do enjoy astrology and for the LibDems to denigrate these voters is surely to lose votes………so, they lost the vast student vote they used to have and now theyve lost these votes too! And to make matters worse, inside there are articles about local things such as the new bus station being built (first mooted by the local tories, I think) and the new Leisure Centre (which will have a swimming pool that isnt large enough for competition so the local swimming club will have no home, and it wont have its own car park but will share the (already full most days) shoppers carparks (what do they use for intelligence?). this latter edifice is , I believe, a LibDem thing………….they dont give much mention at all to national matters, which is surely what a general election is about and, oh yes, what of their own actual candidate? the person they are meant to be promoting? a single column on the front page……….I didnt see much more although I admit to not reading every single word…….Im pretty convinced though, that they dont actually want to win…………and they wont………….so they will be happy.


Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart



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