Thought bubbles

so, the big count is all over and the big cxnt(s) are firmly in power, flying solo, and what have we learned?

01/ if you sleep with the devil you will get forked.

02/ if you decide to sleep with the devil and dont take the opportunity to bring in PR despite bleating about it for years and  years and years then you will reap the fruits of your non-labour

03/ if one of your basic premises as a party is to promote free education and then charge £9K a term you will understand the resultant math.

04/ an upsurge of votes (14%) still only gets you one seat.

05/ if you narrowly lose a referendum then you secretly hold another and your country makes you the third party in the House of Commons and the Libdems become irrelevant. You become a thorn in the side of the UK government until they give you another, non secret referendum and you maybe end the UK (but im still gonna wear my kilt!)

06/ you can demonstrate that you dont need to be an MP to be leader of your party.

07/ (insert anything Ive forgotten here)

so thats what Ive learned, anyway,in a nutshell.

Other news, I retrieved my unsold painting from Leicester Open, with my wife, me in a kilt and she apparently quite happy with it now as we then went to a garden centre and waltzed (not literally) around for about 40 mins. Only two people sneaked a peaky peek, both young male workers at the centre. Not sure whether that was something for me to be concerned about or whether they were wondering if they could ever be man enough. I prefer the latter, so Im sticking with that one as the thought of the other………….(shudder)……… no.


Am yet to discover the outcome of my borough council or parish council elections  That may be a good thing as ignorance is bliss.

and on that bombshell…………….

Love all , hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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