Art by degrees.

so today……………I so hate when people start a sentence with the word, so……….So lets start again, as I hate to upset myself. Im quite good at upsetting other folk without even trying so Im definitely being more careful with my words, especially to myself. I mean If I upset myself there will be nobody left to converse with who shares my mind………….but I digress.


Today I spent the morning making a bit of money in the cab, not bad for a morning as it goes. Finished at lunchtime because I was determined to have a looksee at the L’boro Uni degree show, where I spent almost seven happy years getting my kit off, being measured for sculptures, filmed in the buff, and dressing as the other other gender, and being covered in plaster of paris……..really miss the old place……..Easter time was good. being paid to watch the cricket as nobody wanted to use me, ahh………….anyway, I seem to have digressed once more.


We , my wife and I, set off for L’boro found a parking spot with ease, which I bet wasnt the case at yesterday pv, and had a nice leisurely stroll around the fine art. Picked up a catalogue. I thought at first it was a novel, its so big……..but that turns out to be because it includes all the disciplines in the art college. not just fine art. There is also a small brown box which appears to contain postcard sized business cards of all the students. Had I known this I wouldnt have bothered picking up all the business cards that I did……never mind.

So I was very pleasantly surprised by the upturn in quality and imagination this year. Previous years I have been sligthly disappointed at Lboro but this year they have got, for the most part, things right. Of course it all comes down to personal taste in the end. In the sculpture studios there is a corner devoted to something very Paul Macarthyesqe, which I hated. I hate the orginal, so a copy isnt going to cut with me Im afraid  DSC_1562[1] DSC_1561[1]sadly I cant find the artists name in the catalogue, which perhaps is a freudian slip of the memory.

And there seem to be two beds, which obviously have their roots in Tracy EminDSC_1563[1]this one is found in sculpture as part of a longer installation which includes kitchen, etc. Again, not my cup of tea.DSC_1513[1] this where the edges get blurred for me………is this sculpture or painting or what…..its clearly an installation……….and again it clearly mimmicks good ole Tracy, but with a twist. Not my cup of tea. It can be seen by  now that I dont much go for these installation things. Maybe Im a bit old fashioned, but i just cant see how it can be sold, and I know its all about academia and that you shouldnt just make art for money……………..but you have to pay the bills, and if you dont make art that sells then you wind up driving a taxi.

So thats the gloom out of the way. On to the good stuff, or in my opinion.

DSC_1552[1]this massive painting, because of its construction, presents a diferent image when veiwed from the other end DSC_1554[1] DSC_1553[1] as you can tell, i rather liked this piece by Huw Janes.

but I found I was drawn to quite a few abstract works, which is most unlike me. This means either that the abstract work was really good or that my taste buds are changing or, radically, both.

DSC_1499[1]these works by Reece Perkins particularly stirred me, with their luschious movement of paint, several works all using the same colours and tones, stitching Reeces exhibition together beautifully.          DSC_1532[1]Rosie Childs manipulates her own photographs digitally and also using collage, cutting, splicing, overlaying, to produce wonderful imagery.

DSC_1545[1] DSC_1547[1]Sarah Cunningham………..amazing, large, colourful invented landscapes using collage and paint and, I think, one of only a few artists to actually frame their paintings. But then I never did at uni, and still dont now, sooooo, yep anyway…she did.

I could go on and and on and you might think Ive become an abstract artist/admirer, so to end let me leave you with this.

DSC_1530[1]by Jake Osbourne-Walker………..soft geometric , abstract background telling its own story and an exquisite rendition of a young girl. Its sweet, its soft, it doesnt hurt the head thinking about it but it does make your eyes feel nice and your heart feel warm.

Go and take a look for yourselves, you wont be disappointed. Something for everyone, from 3d to video, to weav, to photography , to installations to both abstract and figurative paintings. A reet good show!

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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