So………….knee………taxi………..naked yarns………downward spirals

Sooooo tempted to start with the so word……..actually, I sort of have…….oh dear……….never mind. Lets get started;

Today, Tuesday, failed to get into cab…….too much pain still in knee. Other half of the sky took advantage of the situation by not getting up till gone 9.00, and then she brought breakfast up for me and I stayed in bed till 11.00.  This might be the situation in six years time when i officially retire (assuming the government doesnt move the goalposts once more), and so we are both looking forward to it. Although of course, for other half of the sky it might not be much diferent apart from having me under her feet all day. ….. which is where the studio comes in and, hopefull, a little income to add to the pension and make life a little easier. Thats the dream. Id really like to live the dream.

Wouldnt we all?

Anyway, as the day has gone on my knee has improved and Im now walking around with just one walking stick. Tomorrow I may take the stick with me in the cab as I have to get back to making some money. Carying shopping bags may not be possible so passengers will just have to like or lump it as they say.

Standards in art education are set to drop further. Ive been unofficially told that drawing will not be part of the course next year at Leic.College, and its not just this college. A model I know of who puts so much time and effort into her profession is finding she can no longer be a full time life model as there just isnt sufficient opportunities and, before you say anything, she doesnt just rely on colleges as she also arranges her own classes on a private footing. She is packing it in and finding another job. It isnt that simple though. She will miss it like I miss it.

Im now fed up.

The answer is , of course, to get watching SENSE8 on Netflix….its really good, apart from all the unnecessary sex, gay and straight, and is now my official BREAKING BAD replacement.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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