Hot , Kilt, Paypal, Knee not necessarily in that order

Its hot. Its so very very hot. I love it, Like being in Spain but without the language problem. Madam went off into town with neighbour and met my Mum so I was left alone. Just me, the dog ,and my knee. It was so hot. I put made to measure comfy cushions on the wooden benches and the plastic sunlounger and the dog immediately became German and bagged the plastic sunlounger. I sat on the split bench, the one with a table in the middle. It was so hot. The sun moved in its arc across the clear azure sky to encapsulate the dog and she was so hot she cleverly vacated her position for the wooden bench nearer the house and to me. |She appreciated the cushions by instantly falling asleep, that is until the sun found her again and then she had to leave the high ground and hide beneath the bench I was sitting on, in the shadow, but on the hard concrete slabs. Still, you cant have everything. But still, it was so very very hot.

I had been commenting on facebook, nothing contentious as I couldnt be bothered, being already hot and bothered, and trying to sort out Paypal who cant give me my money because they refuse to accept my bank account at the moment, and likewise my mastercard. Apparently they have taken a tiny amount from my card and when I see it on my card bill there will also be a pin number. If I type that number in then the card will be accepted and the tiny amount will be returned. I know we have to be conscious of fraud etc., but why let somebody pay into my paypal account and also let me pay for something via paypal if at the end of the day neither they nor I can get at the actual money in the paypal account? Seems a little absured to me.

The knee is not right, but its so much better. Dont have to use a walking stick now but still do for psychological reasons, and the bruises are now making an appearance on both legs and chest. Bank account is almost empty, as I discovered when attempting to fix Paypal, so work is calling. With that in mind I decided to see if I can drive my car so off I set to the studio and yes, I can drive. Whether i can drive all day I dont know. I picked up Mum took her home, and then brought Her and Neighbour home and the knee was then aching so all day…………hmm, just have to see wont we…….maybe another day just to be on the safe side. Why did I go to the studio?

Well, I wanted to bring a couple of sketchbooks home to work in whilst I recuperated in this hot, so very hot, sunshine and secondly so I could pick up my new kilt! DSC_1577[1] DSC_1579[1]

sadly the pics are not terribly good as the sun that is so very very hot is also so very very bright in the background.  Anyway, as I said in a prior post its Royal Stewart tartan……..I dont think its quite the quality of the other kilt, but ive tried it on, obviously, and I love it.

So if you see a man in a mainly red kilt at DMU tomorrow, you know who it probably is.

And here I am, back on the same bench, Other Half of the Sky on the long bench reading the paper, dog hiding in the shade below and its hot, so very very hot.

Love all , hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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