why, why not, why

so today………..sorry, i started with that two letter word i so hate starting with when other people do it………anyway, went to docs, he thinks fungal infection of the nail and will grow out but keep an eye on it for a month and then come back………..seriously? im only going back if there is a problem. Theyve changed the system yet again………now you have to ring at 8.oo am, when you get a voice saying you are being directed to the surgery, (which was actually the number you rang in the first place) and then another recorded voice tells you the surgery opens at 8.00 am and please call back when its open. Its already 8.05, so already its a fail. Then eventually a human voice (assuming she isnt an android) asks what the problem is, as if she is a doctor or a nurse, and suggests the doctor will call back. He duly calls back and he suggests a time for you to attend the surgery, in person, literally, not virtually. When you get there i find a tv screen asking me to input the month of my birth, then the day of my birth, then the first letter of my surname and hey presto im logged in. How can there only be on person with my birthday and name letter in the whole of burbage? lucky hit in my opinion. However, on the positive side we both got in early, she for her blood test, and me for the doctor. He says it might (might………that also means might not) be a fungal infection of the nail and will probably (or probably not) grow out as the nail grows………….its all a bit iffy if you ask me.

Anyway, we went on to the town for a little light shopping and then lunch. No issues. How boring. Dropped her off at home , changed into kilt, and went off to fine art printers, Thats all sorted now, hopefully pick up in a weeks time and make my first print sale…………maybe this is going to be a string to the bow………..hope so. The propierta also has a gallery attached so i had a look around. He followed me and we talked about art. He told me that  things like the abstract canvas on the wall were the things currently selling. It was shit. Thats only my opinion of course, but it seemed to follow the absurd idea that an abstract doesnt need thinking about, or planning. It does. Anyway, dont want to tread on any toes, so i kept my own council on that one. Didnt i do well?

I have to admit here, that I went commando in the kilt. Now if thats too much for some of you, i apologise, but it felt sooooo good. The breeze flowing insid the non bifurcated garment is nice as it is, something shorts dont give you, but to feel the breeze knowing there is nothing between you and it………..heaven. I feel sorry for the silly men who refuse to wear a skirt or kilt because its not manly or they arent scottish………….they are missing out on so much !!! if they ever wore one for a full day they would never go back to the tyranny of trousers……….so many men on facebook , in various groups, are wearing what they feel good in. \some take it a tad further than i would want to, but some are real tough bearded strong men and they look really masculine. The utility kilt is a big seller in america for instance so although i wouldnt normally condone following the yanks, in this instance I have to hold my thumb up to them. They come in denim, leather, camouflaged, all sorts. They are not quite kilts as they mostly snap shut with prestuds making them not adjustable like a kilt, but even so………

Hmm, how did i get onto this topic? I wanted to talk only about art, but my fingers, as usual, did theireown thing and so. I should never let them do the walking, although often its a nice surprise to see what Ive written. Its akin to ……………aaagh, the word escpaped my mind…………….come back you bugger !!!…..nope, anyway its something like associative writing, but im guessing thats wrong . Words that just flow out of your head randomly and yet seem to make some kind of sense even if they are not worth reading.

Im on the patio, with our new exterior socket, and its getting chilly so its time to go. Speak soon with some art in mind.

Love all , hurt none, and walk in soft shoes




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