Camouflage of Clever Words

I dont know if I should write this or post this, so I will, and I will. Yesterday I attended a philosophy group. I thought it was something else, not sure what I thought it was really, but anyway. I contributed. It didnt really go down well. My wife and I were clearly not the same calibre brains as these people and at least one person said something a little disparaging at something my wife said. I said nothing at the time for two reasons; 1/ I didnt want to cause more fuss than I had already made by my verbal contribution to the discussion and 2/ it actually showed him up for his real self, which was at some odds from the self he purported to be, and 3/ not sure my wife understood what he said……………… thats three reasons then, ah well, and no comfy chairs in sight (Monty Python reference) !

But lets not concentrate on the negative.

Is there a positive? Yes. I had it confirmed, and I mentioned this quietly at the beginning to somebody who matters that intellectuals dont run wars. What I meant was that they are too busy doing inconsequential things like rearranging tables, and then they take a subject and quickly veer off into outerspace.

But one thing I did notice was that same somebody who matters quickly withdraw into their shell. This surprised me. I thought they would take a major role, but they didnt. They were very quiet, but when they did speak the others, who liked the sound of their own voices, didnt understand what she was saying. (this typing isnt helping my tennis elbow, btw) which said something to me about them. Hmm, not wanting to judge on one viewing, So, having discovered this about somebody who matters, and realised she is a minor mirror to my own psyche, what do we do about it?

Maybe thats another topic for a future date.

And whilst Im here I must wish somebody who matters a happy birthday……….Happy Birthday……….(the capital letters are inexplicable).

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes


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