Last Saturday , because, but not primarily because, I had a painting in the Silver Vine Leicester Festival Art Trail, I went off to the city. I wondered which kilt to wear (notice I didnt even consider trousers or shorts) and decided on the Pride of Scotland as it might be less shouty than the Royal Stewart (also because Im trying to keep it pristine for a wedding in 2017, which is a tad ridiculous really , isnt it.)

I had already agreed to meet up with fellow artist Bali Sangha-Jenkins at the venue holding my painting. She bought me a drink (which was actually for my wife , so now I owe my wife). We sat outside in the sunshine and lo and behold we were passed by Amanda McIntyre Ure and Liz Grey who I shouted after but wasnt heard. Bali said chase them, so I did, much against the grain I actually ran, and they then joined us at the table.

11892350_10153667771709789_1303545931362533739_oright to left; Amanda, Bali, and random even more weird woman)

Once inside we bumped into Allison, who Ive never met before but who I know of via Facebook. She said “Hi, its Steve B Robinson ! I know you”…hahaha, she was invigilating the venue and also had some art on display……and then Hayley came in , who I first met via Facebook ! This was getting weird.

We invited her to come with us to other venues, which she did, and at one of them, her friend Neil arrived who apparently knows me and we have talked before but, unless its via Facebook I embarrasingly didnt recognise.

So, as Liz had left us earlier, and then Bali rejoined us after a meeting she had elsewhere, which meant there were three biological ladies wearing trousers, one man also in trousers, and one man in a kilt and another transitioning male to female in a mini dress all sitting in the Phoenix…….we must have looked weird or avant garde or, as I prefer……..bohemian.

All I know is, I was the coolest as I had removed my support leggings in the heat and was now completely commando under the kilt and enjoying the odd Monroe Moment on the walk back to the car!!

Just sayin’ .

Love all , hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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