Issue one…………Issue two…….. bless me…..

ok, apologies re the title, but it started to sound like sneezing. I tell you this on the offchance that you didnt realise, although Im sure you did.

So onto Issue one…………..

Homophobia…………..Ive always thought I wasnt homophobic but Ive been invited to attend an LGBT ran poetry night by two, yes TWO people… who is a “member” through experience and one who is close to it through sibling.  So I dont know how I feel about it. Ive been thinking about it for a couple of days now and due to that I missed the first opportunity. The second is in September. Which I know is given over to local comedian Rob Gee, who Ive met a couple of times. I dont know if he holds membership or is just an innocent bystander. The thing is, although it started as LGBT Im told it now includes many “straight” people too. However. I have the feeling that it will all, or mostly, be poetry aimed at shoving LGBT issues at me. I dont want that. Just like I wouldnt want any other issue shoved at me. Its not like I havent been in the company of LGBT folk. There is a mural in their building that I drew on the wall and they painted in so, I dont know. I mean, maybe, with you all knowing (Im assuming this is read by at least a handful of people but I may be in error) my penchance these days for non-bifurcation that I would fit in nicely. But I dont. Im quite happy being me, as I am, without changes.

Issue two………….

Its sort of connected, but not really………….I think Ive been invited to an engagement party by an old uni comrade. She showed no inclination towards having feelings for the same gender, whilst at uni, in fact she made a point of being with the opposite gender, but she has fallen in love with a same gender person and they are now living together and intend to marry as soon as they can afford it. So what is the problem? Well, firstly, will all of her friends be females who are attracted to the same gender and will that affect me and , bloody seriously, why should it. Pretty sure thats ok, actually. Then there is the issue of me and parties…………the prospect of hiding in the kitchen is not as appealing at some folks think. And of course, most if not all, will be her age or thereabouts, whereas Im old enough to be her father. Its a dillemma. Ive always really liked her, and dont want to have her feel Im snubbing her ( I very much look forward to a wedding invitation, lol ). What do I do?

Issue three……

erm…………..cant think of one at the moment, but give me time.

In the meantime, Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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