Something borrowed………..something recycled………great artists steal

I think it was Picasso who said great artists steal. If it was him then of course his endeavours in changing the way the world thought of art is false, because it means he must have stolen these ideas……….okay, thats a little facetious



[fuhsee-shuh s]
Spell Syllables


not meant to be taken seriously or literally:

a facetious remark.


amusing; humorous.


lacking serious intent; concerned with something nonessential,amusing, or frivolous:

a facetious person.
but you know what Im saying…………im not sure why Im saying it, but still…..onward…………
I posted in fb an image from an old sketch book and it made at least one person say how good it was. It started me thinking of the other related sketchbook images. My sketch books are normally non-linear in time circles but now and then there are intimations of an idea for a series of works. This is one of them, from 2005/06, so maybe I should paste some of them here.
11930818_873850785996856_7693999484492252708_o this is the image that set me thinking once i posted it on fb.
11807292_862930433755558_8818677754629930456_othis is where it started. I had a photograph of myself and for some forgotten reason decided to cut my body out. I nonchalantly discarded the paper that now had a hole in it and it landed on a book of art of an exhibition called “TRANSVANGUARDIA” (O……..theres that word TRANS…….oh, the possibility of the subconscous speaking to the conscious (two spellings because Im not sure which is correct , thus sitting on the fence), its just …………..  So this big hand holding a cigarrette became apparent. It is I think from a work by Victor Vasarelle (but I may be in error, I apparently frequently am)(plus I may have spelt the surname wrong too, no matter) and it led to me experimenting with other things, including recycling my own works and making new work in the same manner too.
See the following;
11844924_862930380422230_758500167544353962_o   11893788_874282829286985_8606227074099706634_o  clearly the bendy lines on both these experiments are from the same original,( that may be an incorrect assumption ) but cant recall whose it was and I doubt it really matters, but it does show how works can be recycled to make new and fresh work.
see the following
11780023_862930780422190_6388291066222958035_o   anyone who has visited Leicesters Silver Vine Arts Trail this year (2015) and has attended the Queen of Bradgate venue will have seen my painting MEME-MEME, which I began in 2005 and completed this year (2015). I used an early image of this painting in this sketchbook experiment. Whereas the coloured circles are eyes in the painting now they become rather breastlike.
see the following
11754773_862930937088841_587406681104423505_o  11844924_862930693755532_2734008772095990452_o  with these two Im now moving into my own work more and more, These were based on the idea of CENTREFOLD. I do remember that quite plainly. The second, a simple central line, was actually a larger image in the end, on paper, as indeed some of the others became.
see the following.
11782342_862930617088873_6572732114301148115_o this I think was also from the same catalogue, TRANSVANGUARDIA and I know became a much larger drawing. Obviously the ball with a hollow tube emerging was, in my mind (and probably yours) a phallic image, although I dont think the original it was stolen from had that in mind at all, although I cant be sure after all this time.
So, Ive borrowed, and Ive recycled, but technically, sort of, Ive done what Picasso said I should.
However…..thats as far as it ever went. I saw potential then, I have to admit, but was held back by something, probably not wanting to have to explain in any great detail what I was going through and this last image may illustrate that…….
But now, revisiting them, I still see potential. And these days I have to pursue that potential. Don’t I ?
Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes    ( promised a blog on that statement last time, didn’t I, but I had to get this out of my system first)
Isi Tart

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