I did promise I would blog on that Love All, Hurt None & Walk In Soft Shoes thing so lets have a go;

I truly believe that all religions could and should be replaced by this one statement. It gives no mention to any God or god. It doesnt tell you that the fires of hell await you if you transgress. It doesnt tell you God or god hates a homosexual. It doesnt call evil those who wear the clothes assigned to a gender opposite to the one they inhabit. It doesnt tell you to pray or when to do it. It doesnt tell you to cut bits off your children. It doesnt tell you to kill those who disagree with you. It doesnt tell you to cover your hair or your face or your whole body. It doesnt tell you to do anything negative or damaging or hateful.

It is in fact a terribly hard way of life. Can you do it? I invented it and I often fail. Sometimes I find myself not  Loving somebody, which doesnt mean hating them, or even being indiferent to them. What it does mean is not accepting them for who they are. That is true Love . Love with a small “l” is that between lovers and doesnt really come into this.

I have found myself being outspoken and vocally passionate, which often hurts others. Whilst its good to be passionate about something, for instance Im passionate about my art, but when a passion leads to shouting and anger, such as demonstrated sometimes at football matches, then its not good.

If you can walk through  your life without causing upset then you are walking the path of least pain to yourself and to others.

But its so hard. I have failed. I failed very recently in my blog. I failed a couple of weeks ago in a philosophical talking shop. (these are just two incidents that spring to mind, there have been others in the past, and there will be more in the future) and its hard to recover from that. It may always be the elephant in the room.

So, when I say it, Im not being glib. Im offering a way of life which is extremely hard.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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