As you know, or maybe you dont if youre a new reader of this blog or my fb page, I wear support lycra leggings as, since a blood clot in my right leg (now cleared up and gone) that leg has had water retention issues. Even wearing the leggings (tights as my wife calls them) it was clear that my right leg was getting larger, as this fairly recent image shows;


However, within a day of taking prescription medicine for the attack of Bakers Syst , my left foot and ankle became equally swollen as the right ! And now, even though I stopped taking the pills because the knee pain vanished, the left leg remained swollen. But now a curious thing has happened. During the day both legs, albeit in the tights (yes, Ive given in now and call them tights) seem to be of equal measure, but by the end of the day, especially after walking up all those Londinium stairs, and again yesterday after no walking whatsoever, my left leg is as swollen as the right.

Evidence of the left leg now taking its turn in being the largest of the two;


I dont have image evidence of the equality at the start of the day, sorry about that, maybe tomorrow. Maybe I should have gathered all the evidence before writing this blog, but, what the heck, its done now, and it is curious how now the right leg looks quite normal….


. This morning however, hoping to restore the old requilibrium, I am wearing a support knee high beneath the support lycra (tights) leggings on the left leg. Im hoping it will bring both legs into line with each other. And as for the non-bifurcation, it just seems sensible.

I walked for miles around Londinium and never encountered another man in a kilt, but did get several sly looks from males, looking downwards at my legs in the manner that men look at girls legs (and Ive been guilty of this in the past, when I was young and hormonal), which was very strange. One man shouted och aye the noo and I was tempted to confront him and his racism, but with TOHOTS alongside thought better of it. There was a person outside the Hayward (£12 entrance, forget it) who wore a skirt and black nails and who I wasnt sure of being male or female, but TOHOTS was convinced was a guy, and if they were a guy so what, nobody seemed bothered, as they shouldnt be, Its just fabric, get over it! Anyway, surprisingly, just me  for definite!

But I digress from the legs, so I will leave you with a very recent pic of me, one leg clad in elastic bandage, standing next to a genius, and you can clearly see my RIGHT leg is huge. And now its not. Its the LEFT leg. Go figure !!


And on that bombshell………………………Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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