Silver. Secret Saturday.

The Silver Vine art trail around Leicester is now at an end. I think it would be viewed as a great success by many. There was a wide variety of artworks from all walks of life on display and mixed in with that was the live music. Anyhoo, its now time to start packing things away. This is simple for me of course as I only had one painting on display which I now intend to pick up on Saturday morning. This has been in the air this week as the Galaxy class starship taxi cab broke down on a very busy roundabout on the A5 on Tuesday afternoon. I spent at least an hour rocking to the sway of the vehicle as huge lorries trundled past. The car decided to stop playing as I positioned it in the central lane…… zoomed past on the inside to turn left, likewise the right. A juggernaut honked his horn at me to move so I manly wound down the window and stuck my arm out in a gesture of “cant you see Im stuck you schmuck? what do you expect me to be doing?”. Nobody stopped to help. So I got out, and pushed this two ton chunk of steel into the grass verge and just as I managed to bring it to a stop in a reasonable position I realised another lorry driver had jumped out and was pushing ! and there was I thinking I was stronger than ever in this stressful situation.

I have to point out here that I dont get stressed out in these situations. I just called the company and awaited rescue, having lifted the bonnet and turned the hazard warning lights on, just so there was no confusion. It said, I hoped, “I am broken, I am awaiting rescue. I am NOT sitting here enjoying the view!”, although I was actually, and chatting on facebook (and once again the perfect strangers in my ken offered sympathy and advice, thanks everyone), and quite enjoying the moment. Weird, I know.

Today I was reunited with my Galaxy class starship cab and the Skodapod has been returned. I got admonished by the mechanic for not having it serviced, although I didnt know it was my job to do that. I was lucky not to have wrecked the engine, apparently, something about a cambelt……..I dont know, Im not a mechanic (still havent got the scooter fixed).

Another thing, connected to all of that ,might be happening Saturday now that all the fences in the way have been removed.  I wont say anything on here, But if you see me you may not recognise me. at least thats the hope, lol. Somebody knows, and that somebody knows who Somebody is. And it involves Pride (comes before a fall they say, so hopefully that will not be happening)

In conclusion, I dont get stressed on the road, but I will be stressed on saturday.

and on that mini bombshell, it just remains to say, Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

IMG_20150315_150329 (this is a clue. i just cant stop myself, lol )


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