should I? Too late.

as one or two of you might know, I had intended to support Amanda in her desire to march at Leicester Pride last saturday. I even borrowed a dress and cardy and jewellry and cosmetics and stuff from another friend. However (they are much likes buts and sprout up whenever something contrary is about to be revealed), I didnt, for various reasons. First off, did i really want to do this? secondly, did I really need to do this? thirdly, not really enough time as I had too much to doboth before and after the march and the park stuff. But I had half promised last year that I would go and so I kept to my bargain. Well, almost, as it had been expressed that I go enfemme.

Anyway, I couldnt make my mind up what to wear anyway and I apologise for the poor photos about to appear in this pop up gallery.

Here goes;

IMG_20150907_183316[2] purple. purchased as a top but who knows, may be fun at Pride etc. IMG_20150907_182754[1] vintage knitted sailor dress, got a couple of holes now. IMG_20150907_182541[1] leopard print, thin fabric IMG_20150907_182420[1] IMG_20150907_182222[1]Olive green knitted dress with revealing square neckline and pulled up at both sides IMG_20150907_182131[1] IMG_20150907_182108[1] this was lent to me by a friendIMG_20150907_182040[1]  . So I dont know what you think. I sort of chickened out but having had this catastrophe happen Im thinking that if it was Pride this coming saturday I WOULD do it as life is too short to not do things like this. It would have been fun,

So thats it. Thats all I wanted to say or show. Its a bit like show and tell, which I would never do as its an American construct like the end of year school prom and Macdonalds (although I have been known to sneak into a Macdonalds in the past)

Its back on the list now, of things to do before I go on holiday and never return, as my aunt and uncle call it.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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