The Importance of Being.

DSC_0211[1]these are important people………….left to right………Sam, son number 2, Lewis, son number 3, Mum, and TOHOTS………..our house isnt this untidy normally, usually its much worse ! lol, but Ava had been unwrapping birthday presents.    This is an important person;  DSC_0212[1]Chantelle Kholia, fiance of Lewis, and expecting our second grandchild. This is our first grandchild;  DSC_0131[1] Ava, (no face just in case a perv is looking, and isnt it sad that we have to do that?) My eldest son, Gareth ,and his wife Rebecca are not visualised here as I dont have any pics on any of my devices. There are of course other important people in my life outside of family. These are (and I apologise if you think you are important but dont appear here, there is a good reason for that, i.e., I dont have any pics of you and maybe youre not as important as you think, lol. Its rarely that reason though as I have so few important people outside of family that I cant afford to be choosey. Here is one;  304233_238482556200352_1300315553_nthis is Diane, left, right and centre. She became important during and after my University modeling days and onward.. This person became important during my University studying days, and onward. 341289_300366533345287_1901681203_o More recently this person has become important for hair, philosophical, spiritual and “alternative” reasons.  11892350_10153667771709789_1303545931362533739_o Thats her, on the right, Amanda, and also in this photo is another important person in that she is so positive and inspires me with her energy. Thats her in the middle, Bali………….the weird woman on the left is totally unknown to me and is therefore not important at all. There are others, but its getting exhausting finding pics and doubtless is becoming tedious for you too. However, one more pic, as this is somebody who used to be  important to me, but no longer is and who recently almost escaped from the pandoras box of mentally ill informed ideas (does that sound right? Im not sure thats good english or not, hmm) anyway…………….IMG_20150907_182541[1]IMG_20150907_182131[1].this person, who is completely invented, is NOT important, but is now bugging me, and taunting me, and enticing me and Im trying to get her back where she belongs, because these days THIS person is REALLY important to me, second only to TOHOTS, and is wanting a permanent place…………………..DSC_0650[1]and…..DSC_1402[1]and….DSC_1577[1] why? because its so important to be YOURSELF………..and the same goes with my art. Its important to be MY own ARTIST with the belief that one day others will appreciate my work too. Just like I hope others appreciate ME as I am NOW.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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