Corbyn factor. X factor. electric. dance. stillness

Interesting vote by the people today. The bigwigs ganged up on the little old man. The other contestants seemed to rehearse why they couldnt work with the little old man, why he was out of date, why people shouldnt vote for him. Thus demonstrating the failings of the Labour Party, i.e. they forgot to tell people why they should vote for THEM, which just drives people to vote for the person or party that is being moaned about. The little old man stuck to his guns. The little old man spoke with conviction, from the heart, grabbing the emotions of the people who actually matter and so, guess what…….he won! The little old man is now the big old man of the Labour Party and Im betting that Kier Hardy (apologies for any misspelling there) is now smiling in his heavenly utopia. Time will tell if he will lead us to the promised land.

Keir Hardie was a founding member of both the Scottish Labour Part in ...

You could say he has the x factor, which leads me nicely into the tv show that currently grips my other half and which is mildly , to my mind, mildly better than Holyoaks, the other show that squeezes the life out of the other halfs brain cells. I dont understand why the x factor is still going. Its tired. We know whats going to happen; the public will vote for the rubbish acts just to stupefy the judges cos we Brits have this type of humour. Holyoaks……………well, it manages to be worse than Eastenders, ridiculous plot lines, ridiculous characters that are simply unbelievable and basically while they are on the telly in my house Im thinking what a terrible waste of electric.

Which leads me nicely into Somebody, (but not the usual Somebody) wanting a picture of me in electric blue leggings and heels………………erm……………..dont actually have any.


But Im always up for a laugh these days and since Somebody else ( but not either of the other two Somebody’s already mentione) has asked me to pose for her photography portfolio but has no ideas of what she wants………..or is maybe too shy to propose anything in case Im shocked (as if) or offended (as if, again). You know I would!

And that leads me nicely into me moving stuff around again in the studio, but before I could get into the studio I had to dance over the timber (wood/would……….its tenuous, I know) that was blocking my entrance as the unit next door was having some interior alterations done by good British carpenters fresh from Poland, hahaha!!,

And speaking of dance takes me into my past when i started ballet class, resplendant in black tights and ballet shoes (ooer missus), which I did for two reasons, one being that as a child I really wanted to do it but daren’t, and secondly to improve my posture for life modeling.

And that leads me into bemoaning the lack of life model bookings so far this year. It seems the rumours are true that Leicester College is no longer teaching art students the skills and art of drawing.


And that leads me into this blog drawing to a close, phew! that was a ride wasnt it? oh yessssss (click finger while flicking wrist in the air).

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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