it sucks.

Have just read a blog by lizardyoga about the merits, or not, of religious leaders and a certain arab nation.

1st the Arab nation;

Saudie Arabia, named after the ruling family, so not even a proper name but one that keeps reminding its people just who runs the show. And run the show they do. Cruxifictions, beheadings, beatings, all in the name of justice, in a system where there is no real defence against anything that might cause the heirarchy to wobble a bit. Democracy? Homosexuality? Women driving cars? and do we see a penny being spent on helping their brother Arabs escaping from Syria? No, of course not, because Syria is a very similar country, run by one man, with similar ways of keeping the status quo. Isnt it time we took their power away by developing an alternative to their precious oil? They keep doing the t hings they do because we are cap in hand to their black gold. We turn a blind eye when it suits us. And  more sad to me is that one of the girls I was at uni with , a saucy, spicy, dont tell me what to do, sort of girl, has married a man from Saudi Arabia and lives, seemingly , happily there……… wierd………

2nd; Religious leaders

If there were no religions there would be no religious leaders.

End of.

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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