After much…….

After much consideration……………..this is one of those dreaded part sentences that lead to things like getting let go, sacked, redundantarized etc…….but in this case its not that……….well it sort of is, but isnt……….I was modeling today for WEA in Loughborough, nothing strenous, thank goodness, and they all made pleasant remarks about how good I am, not moving and all………….but it made me think. Especially as, later on during the break, the tutor told them of the model for the next half of the term, a young woman, thin and balletic…………..and I thought, “yes, I used to do those dynamic poses. I used to pirouhette, and arabesque and all manner of things, but now they always ask me if Im ok to stand like this for this long? ” They mean well, but in their hidden agenda they are asking me if im able to stand because Im not so  young anymore, and they would be right. Im not so young anymore.  IMG_20150317_154925 I cant take the pains I used to take. I just cant do it any more so……………………………………..after much consideration, Ive decided to NOT chase any life modeling work anymore. There are those who I will still pose for because they are mates, such as Sue Graham, and Christine Hughes-Johnson as I know the work will be few and far between , and of course for Julie Kilminster who I pose for recently to help her grow confidence and build up her photographic folio and who I dont charge anything.  But mainly, after much consideration, the life modeling days are very almost over, and its quite a relief actually.

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


2 thoughts on “After much…….

  1. Hmm, maybe Steve, I’m not sure. It could be that they are hinting that or it could just be that you yourself feel old and are seeing it everywhere when in fact you are younger than you feel.

    • i think they are being kind to this grey haired portly chap (one drawing I definitely had nicely formed breasts atop a mound of tummy), I see myself as younger than I am, though, and have quite a shock when I see people have drawn an old man. But I am 60 this coming May, so old is coming closer. I just think maybe its time…

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