its what it is, is it?

sometimes, quite often actually, I make an artwork and I love it. But it transpires, later on, that maybe I finished too soon, so I make improvements to it and then I really love it and wonder what I was thi nking of before. Then later, perhaps a year later, I start to think, so what? its just what it is. Its just colour plonked down on canvass. Its just an image, its just, well………….I dont know. I start to feel it was a waste of time. I think I need justification. I know its my therapy and I would go mad if I didnt have this outlet, but seriously, is it worth me paying out for a studio when I never seem to sell anything? and why dont I sell anything? combination of factors, I think, having been involved in so many exhibitions down the years only to take the work home again I start to get defensive. Its only natural. So I dont show them, so nobody sees them so   nobody can buy them anyway.  Then there is the issue of most places charging a lot of money for the honour of hanging work on their wall. They take all the money without any of the risk, they make no effort to sell your work because theyve already got their cut…… I avoid them. So its a vicious circle…………..and then when I get work into an exhibition I get embarrassed to see my work as I suddenly see all the flaws………aaaagh……….so it is what it is, and I dont know how to move on from that.


Love all , hurt none, and walk in soft shoes.

Isi Tart



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