Change…………Sheldon Cooper

Theyve changed how wordpress looks when I log on. I dont like it. It wasnt broke so why did they fix it? Im firmly with Sheldon Cooper on this………..change isnt always good. They tell us to embrace change, but even they (who are they anyway?) dont like it when we make changes. When I went from this;

2013-06-04 16.16.45

to this;


not everyone embraced it. Not sure if its because my celtic roots are not scottish or irish, or if they see it as a skirt, or simply because its so very diferent from the so called norm.

Anyway, for me, thats a good change, it isnt permanent, its optional. But this WordPress thing is permanent. It isnt much of change, I admit, but all the changes to the things i use, such as FACEBOOK, amalgamate, and accumulate, and eventually cause me stress. Stress is not good, ergo, change for the sake of it isnt good either.

The change Im making in my art, going from this type of work;


to this type of work;


is good change. It isnt permanent change, as there may be times when I just have to make work that lies inbetween such as this sort of thing;


So, Im not averse to change, just unnecessary change.

One change I would be very happy to orchestrate is the abolition of cat photos on my FACEBOOK timeline. That would be a great change, and COMPLETELY necessary.

So I dont know what Im saying here, exactly, but there it is. I dont like change, so I guess Im stuck in the taxi world as changing from it to solely be an artist is too great a risk for me, its too great a change, no matter that this is exactly what I want. There seems to be a negative core to my current being. How do I change that? Because changing that is a COMPLETELY necessary change, otherwise I will just float along for the next 6 years and then retire into my pension cardigan, look back and think Ive failed.  How do I make this change? How?

Whilts Im pondering that, and hopefully some of you will have the answer for me at some point, may I just ask you to Love all, Hurt none, and Walk in Soft Shoes?

Isi Tart




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