Tooth fairy

Ive just read that a mate of mine on fb (please dont be upset, that person for not calling you friend, but Ive learned the hard way that I have acquaintences not friends……….please put the violin away, Im used to the fact by now) has lost a tooth………..or tuth, as my old man would have said.  It set me to wondering if there is an upper age limit to visits from the TUTH FAIRY.  It could be a short term way of funding something……you could call it CROWN FUNDING…………..hahahaha, gosh, Im a sort of genius, dont you think?…………………….it did happen for real at one time and is played out in LES MISERABLES. But what about this upper age limit?toothfairy

Does it also apply to Santa Clause visits? I mean, who does bring those presents at Christmas, I cant believe its my family. That would be silly. None of them are fat enough.girlsanta

Why do we have to lose so much of the magic of childhood just because we have walked the planet longer? It doesnt seem fair. I suppose the one magic thing that so many people cling to, belief in an invisible omnipotent all powerful being, is also the one thing that has caused so much bloodshed in the world.god Its strange when you really think about it. Who ever died for the belief in Santa squeezing down a chimney and leaving things behind rather than stealing anything? Who ever died in the name of the TUTH FAIRY who flies into the bedroom to take away a discarded tooth and leave money in its place? The answer of course is nobody………………I will leave you to ruminate on this.

Anyway, back to my genius fb acqaintance who has lost a tooth. What is the remedy? Glue it back in? Leave it under the pillow, take the money, and purchase a plastic replacement? Smile less? Make use of straws when drinking?

Its funny the things you think of when something inconsequential (to oneself that is, obviously its devastating to the other person………maybe………probably) happens.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes           (thats the only religion you need)

Isi Tart


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