Completions, Procrastinations

Today, having been dragged into xmas card shops in Nuneaton where we bumped into my aunt by accident (that doesnt mean she is my aunt by accident, but that we…….oh you know what I mean, honestly) and where I explained to my Mum, who was with us, that her grandsons are blokes and therefore have no interest in the verse inside the card and it was only going into the bin in January anyway, so worry less about the picture and that maybe she should get into the 21st century, join facebook and just use social media to say happy christmas once and know that it reaches all the people on your friends list.

Prior to that we had sat in the cafe at George Elliot Hospital waiting for TOHOTS to have her blood tests and I was tapped on the shoulder by Father Christmas in disguise, but who turned out to be a man I worked with 20 years or more ago.  He didnt have a beard in those days. Santa did, obviously, but not Ray.

Anyway, we then had lunch at a cheap but good carvery where I was charged the childs price as I wasnt having meat……………..winner!………..and where I wound up with more food on my plate than either of the two ladies………….and I use that term loosely, for comedic effect.

Finally, having taken Mum home, and TOHOTS, I managed to get an afternoon in the studio. Glorious ! I completed one painting, DSC_0596[1]made a stretcher frame DSC_0585[1]and started another small canvas. DSC_0595[1]I cant tell you how good that makes me feel. Plus Ive had seven people looking at my ebay painting sale……….that doesnt sound right………my painting sale on ebay……….my prospective selling of a painting on ebay…………..oh, whatever…1939989_818457078202894_3067763155631250953_o

However, that was tempered by bad, troubling, news from a friend (or as close as a friend I can possibly have, given that i have no actual friends) , who shall remain nameless. How come the shitty stuff happens near christmas?

The upshot is that for once, it feels like Ive completed something. Meanwhile there are three stories sitting in my laptop and my notebook that need more work on and Im procrastinating about them.

Still, more good than bad in this day today, so I will take that, thank you very much.

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart




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