the happiness diferential

First off, let me just make it clear, that title………I dont care if the word diferential is wrong because i like how it sounds. Just thought you should know .

So , anyway, what am I talking about?

I have been watching flashmobs on youtube and it occurred to me that this might be the diference between Islamic states and the rest of the world. We seem to know how to have fun, to let go, do something fantastic and random, make people smile and just, well, have FUN! I know I , for one, cant help but smile when I see a flashmob suddenly start dancing. I cant help myself. It starts to hurt! But just to see the energy of the youngsters (and it mostly young people doing it) being put to a constructive, positive, use, with nobody being hurt gives me hope for us all. Ironically, I was thinking all of this whilst watching a flashmob in Dubai airport,

which is perhaps why I thought it. Most of the passengers wore western clothes, apart from a couple of Arabic travellers who were filming it on their mobile phones. All of the dancers presented as western. I dont know how life is in Dubai (although I do know about the near slave labour they used to build the place) . It could be that women are not required to wear bedsheets over all their person when outside, and that they can drive cars, and vote. I simply dont know, which is bad of me really.However, all the evidence tells me that life in Islamic states is basically miserable and so a flashmob would not be allowed, let alone thought about.

So this might be the way to defeat the worst elements of radical Islamists………happiness………..instead of bombing them, make them happy. Happy people surely have no reason to go around shooting innocent people.

There you are then, I AM a genius after all.

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart

p.s. I just found a flashmob in Dubai Mall, sooooo, but then that might be in the airport, hahaha, come on, spread the happiness!!


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