a little hate goes a long way

The day started ok, but then I was given an addres, not one of our regulars, but hey, who knows? So I pull up and the house is right opposite a special needs school with minibuses attemtping to get in and out, other traffic trying to negotiate them, other taxis………..and the lady of the house arrives in her car and starts mouthing off at me. “do you have no brains? cant you see how they struggle? you are just stupid, your on double yellow lines and blocking half of my driveway”, yes madam, because Im picking somebody up from your house.  “No youre not, there is nobody here wanting a taxi, so why dont you move, i d ont kn ow why you parked here at all”, because, Madam, as you can see on my data head here, I thought I was picking somebody up from YOUR house, so that being the case, and supposing it was accurate, where would you suggest I wait? ” I dont care, I dont want a taxi, why did you park here?” her voice was shrill and getting louder, so the only way i could get my very reasonable point across was to speak even louder than her, and then her husband gets involved and says I should be polite to his wife, so I say I respond in kind and he offers to get me out of the cab and I offer to oblige and then he walks off.

Wankers, starting with the office who caused this affray by giving me the wrong adress, and ending with the two eedjits shouting at me.

And we know what this leads to.

And it did.

Self loathing.

Because Im better than that. Because Im thinking I should be making a living doing something else, something arty, anything where I have minimal contact with humans.

And then depression seeps in, because Im not good enough, or clever enough , or attractive enough, or have enough friends, (make that no friends), and because nobody loves me and whats the point in this struggle and how do I end it?

Fortunately, I dont allow this to fester, but it has completely ruined my Marvellous Moonday, and demonstrates just how hard it is to

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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