Hot ankles

Im not referring to the aesthetic, or the sexy quotient, of my ankles with this title, but rather to the fact that my ankles are hot, temperature wise. It comes on late at night or sometimes, as tonight, early hours when Im in bed. It helps to walk about, scratching gives a little relief but not much and not lasting, but sitting with my feet in a bowl of cold water does the trick. That of course means, as now, that Im not sleeping. Its something to do with blood circulation, which the water retention is also connected to. But lets not go down that road again. Its getting repetetive/repetitive (?).

Anyway, Ive mentioned this on facebook very recently, but I have decided. I am going to be cleaning up my artpage on facebook. That page is where this blog is found by most people, just so you know. I have another page for family, friends etc..This original page was intended to be just about my art, the art of others, and generally eccentric/interesting people who think outside the box and might be seen as living works of art. That hopefully isnt an insult to those people. I would personally find that to be a positive thing, but I doubt very much anyone thinks of me in that way. But that could just be my negative chimp. I may have that wrong actually. That might be the human in me holding the chimp back . Ive only skipped through the book that my youngest son has claimed is changing his outlookk on life, an indeed has also been acclaimed by non other than Victoria Pendleton.

So,just be warned, if you find you are no longer in contact with me its because you have been tidied up and if you really valued my facebook friendship then you will have to discover my other page and click the button. I do apologise, but Im seriously sick of the cat pictures, and am getting that way about the dog pictures too by the way, and Im also annoyed with myself for arguing with so many people on topics that are not art related, and I dont think I want to argue over art either. There is something for everyone and just because I dont like it doesnt mean its bad. It just means I dont like it. But then I feel that way about some of my own art.

But I do feel that my current art is much better than my previous work. Abstract art you really have to consider, whereas the figurative work I did before was just about what it was about. Mostly it was about me. Im now over that. Now its about something else. Experimentation, exploration, discovery………..I used to knock this type of work for being too easy, but actually, I was wrong. There. I said it. I was WRONG.

And now my arms are itching from lack of sleep.

If you dont get this blog on your facebook page its because you have been tidied up, sorry. So maybe, if you wish to continue reading my thoughts etc., on this blog you should consider subscribing to it.


Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart




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