REVOLUTION BEATLESNope,  not the beatle song from the white album, that was Revolution………no, Im thinking of New Year resolutions. I stopped doing them, since I rarely kept them, and this year was going to be no exception. However, whilst driving the Ma in law home this morning, I decided that, since this Yuletide has left me feeling so ill in the mind and has highlighted the things around me that make me feel this way , I should really make a list of things as one simply wont do.

So here goes, and in no particular order.

*  Empty the house of all the trifles that so affect me due to lack of space.

*  empty the display cabinet of stuff that shouldnt be displayed

*  do the same upstairs, especially the spare box room

*  build a studio in the back garden and vacate the unit Im paying for now.


*  wear a kilt in the taxi



*  decorate the lounge.

*  new flooring in bedroom, not especially carpet as I quite like the pretend wooden flooring in the kitchen and hallway.

*  decorate box room

* turn box room either into an office or a bedroom or find a way for it to be both.

*  take up cycling again

*  purchase support tights that are specially made for men (they have a fly)

*  concentrate on abstract art

*  engage fully with marketing my art

* eat less

* pursue collaborative projects in art

*  pursue my writing as a companion to my visual art

*  Be kinder to myself; dont do things that cause me stress and illness just to please other people

*  Do more with TOHOTS


*  Do a lot more in the home.

*  work less in taxi and more in studio.

*  buy a kilt made in the Lewis tartan


and thats just a few things, Im sure I can think of many more if I put my mind to it.

Most, if not all of these things, are acheivable, but where does one start? I favour starting by building the studio, or at least purchasing the materials bit by bit, so there is no debt. Then I can leave the unit and save myself 72 quid a month and be close at hand for TOHOTS, and be able to just pop in and out of home/studio as and when i please.

Thats settled then.

No, hang on, I can actually start by getting rid of things in my home tomorrow, as Im home alone all day………..thats the plan then. I will resolve to do the list…


wish me the energy Im going to need please

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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