Flying Solo

Today is the 28th of December. It is my mums 86th birthday. She has gone down to Basingstoke with Lewis and Chantelle. TOHOTS has gone with Sam. They are with eldest in his home, having fun and games, eating and drinking and I am here, at home, alone with the dog.

I was going down, although I wasnt looking forward to it as well, if you dont know, Im not going to broadcast dirty linen, and sis in law was going to have dog. But then she said the dog would be alone for a couple of hours. I dont see anything wrong with that, but OH was very upset at that, so we decided the dog would have to come to terms with the journey (she is a terrible traveller) and the diferent house (she doesnt like change) and the cats (she goes through the motions of chasing them but gives up almost immediately as she really cant be bothered).

However, the eldest put the kibosh on that, OH got really upset so I volunteered to stay at home with the dog. She got un-upset very quickly. That says something, dont you think? The dog is more important than me? Hmm, I dunno.

Anyway, for me its a win win situation. I got up when I wanted to. I wore my kilt (which I havent done for a while, seems ages) to walk the dog in the woods   DSC_0816[1](looking bloody good , if I do blow my own trumpet!)

Ive cleaned, washed up, filled and emptied the dishwasher, had to clean boots after walking, will need to clean car after the mud of the walk but its too dark now, had a spot of lunch (was thinking of going to a restaurant this evening on my own, but maybe I wont. Not the same alone, is it?) Removed some books from one of the bookcases ready for friends, mum, or charity shop to take them, etc.etc.

The tv has not been on .

Just listening to music.

Really nice. I cant express how nice today has been. I know that sounds awful, but Ive found this christmas to be stressful…………they are always stressful to be honest, and maybe this one, thinking about it, has been less stressful than others, but still………….the noise, the mess, the walking on eggshells………….its sooo nice to now be peaceful. Just me and the dog.

Hope you are having some of this calm betwixt the two celebrations.

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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