All quiet and an old Doctor.

Its been a strange new year for us. It hasnt felt like anything special. It was just another day (cue Pauls first solo record).

Im not the only person saying this either. So I know its not just me.

But I have made decisions. Not resolutions though. I have decided to build that gardenstudio. I have decided to pursue the abstract. I have decided to enquire about a local gallery and hang the cost. I have decided to embark on a total marketing campaign once i have a few abstracts to show. I have decided to buy a black kilt. I have decided to spend fewer hours in taxi and more hours on my art. I have decided many more things, but you get the gist.

Im not sure if there is a diference between resolving and deciding, but it does feel diferent.

The G(igga) Spot: Swings and roundabouts...

Anyway. I have to tell you all that Ive found a replacement for my Breaking Bad addiction (oh, i changed the topic there without warning, sorry about that) and its called Jessica Jones……its a made-for-Netflix series………..I have been watching several episodes back to back the last two days and will return later tonight. Gripping. A superhero who isnt like your stereotypical hero, and , here is the best bit……….the superbad guy is played by…………………DAVID TENNANT !!!

David Tennant - David Tennant Photo (15000822) - Fanpop

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart



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