non gender non binary

I know I keep coming back to this topic, but its one worth pursuing as large sections of the world wide male community attempt to assert their equal clothing rights. So here goes………….

Whilst sorting out one of my bookshelves I came across a few magazines from auction houses such as Sotheby’s and in one of them was a work for sale by Egon Schiele……….this one;


Its of his nephew. He appears to be wearing a dress. At first one wonders if, knowing the artists proclavity for rude drawings, this is one of those drawings that might be a little fetishistic………….certainly today it might be considered risky (not to be confused with risque, which I think is a little diferent). However, there is also a little write up and with it an actual photograph of his nephew, probably from the same time as the drawing was made. Here it is;


Apologies for its sideways appearance.

As can clearly be seen though, the boy is wearing a dress and looking very natural in it. The fact is that at the turn of the 20th century boys were quite regularly being dressed in non binary clothing. Easier to get to nappies I suppose, or maybe they just thought boys looked good in them. Who knows? The point is, it proves there is no gender to clothing whether its binary or non binary so, if I want to wear something non binary then ,

A/ its ok for us men to wear something like this  IMG_20150907_182131[1]

and therefore unnecessary to appear like this just to be in public;


B/ we can, legitimately, appear like this in a non binary outfit

DSC_0816[1]its the same self expression of freedom and lightness and airyness and style without the stuff on the face and the artificial hair………….I can garauntee one thing though, when out in a kilt a man is surrounded by compliments from ladies and an air of room elephant from the men who pretend they havent seen it, whilst , if out in that blue dress, wig and makeup a man might fool people people into thinking him female, but without the accoutrements he will almost definitely be met with a wave of hostility.

Why is that?

But the really good news is, and Im sure you will all (all three of you readers) be happy about this………..after almost constantly finding this in my artwork since 2005 it is now out of my system. WIth the addition of kilts to my wardrobe, my artwork has gone swiftly into the abstract. That is no coincidence……… in other words, its gone from this;


(“she wears the trousers”. acrylic on canvas)

to this;


I think I know which is better, but Im not sure which is more interesting. Anyway, its a good feeling to know I can move away from the figurative, self portriat, paintings and gain as much feeling of self worth from producing abstract works. Which Im finding to be equally difficult to produce with any quality.

So from now on its upwards and onwards, to infinity and beyond, non binary fabric flowing in the breeze, hahahaha !!

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes.

Isi Tart




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