Death of belief, Rising confidence

Its amazing what people believe. Its amazing that these beliefs continue to hold sway in the 21st century, with science telling us so much (and admittedly , consequently, so little) that there should be no need for these beliefs at all. And yet, they persist. I once read that the biggest fear of a priest was not Satan, but knowledge. Knowing for definite that God exists would destroy his faith and it was faith that motivated him. So it seems its the not knowing that keeps people believing. For me, weird. But at the same time, a little jealous, as most of these people have some kind of ……………i dont know what…………..and it seems to serve them well.


But changing tack slightly, Im now modeling at Ratcliffe College on a tuesday, and this tuesday just gone, whilst being escorted from the building (you are escorted in and out, so much security, wow.) the tutor told me I was the best model they had ever had as I just get on with inventing the poses and come up with good and interesting shapes……Now that makes me feel good. It has in fact rekindled my love of life modeling and has made me wonder if I should send off speculative emails to other art educational establishments in an attempt to increase earnings.

I do wonder if that feeling of growing confidence from just a simple, sincere, sentence (illiteration, nice) is anything like the feeling that some people get from participating in rituals of belief.

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes


Isi Tart



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