Open 27

IMG_20150704_143610this is one of the works I hope to submit to the Open 27 in Leicester this year but there are issues. The first issue is that Ive forgotten the title, so does the title matter? I could say its untitled or sin titulo, as they say in Spain (showing off the little lengua I know). I know it was something to do with the colours used, so i can make one up unless Ive written it on the reverse, in which case I need to go into the studio today to re-measure the dimensions and to ensure I do get the title right….

Another issue is the way we now have to submit work. Its all done digitally now. So, the oder generation, who have had little to do with computers and digital technology, get left behind. That would be me, of course. If its not the right size for the format I have no idea of how to alter it, if indeed it can be altered post clicking the camera thingy. They do it like this now because they think its beneficial to artists to not have to physically submit their artworks, which of course can be a good thing, but I suspect its more about it being beneficial for them not having to take up space storing the works, physically moving them to judge them etc. It also needs a good photograph as surely a poor photo wont show off the artwork to its best advantage.  This is going to be a struggle.

I will find a way, but its stress I could do without to be honest.

Anyway, that will be this afternoon taken care of.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart



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