Kilt, camouflage and catholics

Let me first explain the catholic bit……….its a catholic school where I set this little blog, which doesnt necessarily mean that all of the students are following the catholic cannon………….which in itself is a strange word…cannon……….it means one thing in the religious context but it also relates to what Im going to say later on.

But first…………..

This is me for my modeling gig at a certain private catholic school;

I meet the technician in the hallway as she has to escort me to the upper 6th………there are kids all around, boys in scruffy trousers (it seems no matter how much you spend they still look awful) and girls in smart, sort of blue tartan, skirts and blazers and they look great. None of them give me a second look, well, maybe a couple do, but they are politely discreet…….then there are some in military fatigues, camouflaged outfits and one of them, in this case a lad, descends the stairs that we have to ascend and he actually gawps, bending over backwards to get a better look! No subtelty at all, wft ! I say nothing. Technician says nothing. Other students say nothing. It was really weird. I dont know if he was appalled, and couldnt believe his eyes, or if he was wishing he was me.

So anyway, that ignored, we continued on our upward journey and I got on with the work of being brilliant in my naked performance art.

Two tutors use me, the second one has to escort me from the building and she says what Im the best model theyve had (well of course I am, honestly) and I say what a lovely bunch of kids they are, so at this point we are both happy with each other.

I had to ask her though, what was the deal was with so many of them wandering around in military gear. She told me its a bit like a lunch club, but more so, where they get to join the army, navy or airforce. In the latter they eventually get to go up in a helicopter, in the army they get dumped in the Brecons and are expected to make their own way back and she didnt mention the navy, as I suspect there is less call with us being landlocked in the midlands.

We were so happy with each other that I couldnt then ask the burning question;  How does a school tied so deeply into a religion that follows the Prince of Peace marry that with the idea of students being taught to kill and maim other people? Apparently these clubs teach them how to shoot and blow things up. Then at another time in the day they are, presumably, taught that Jesus said He who lives by the sword dies by the sword…………Im amazed at the hypocrisy of it all.

Its a bit like, but not really so serious, as a life model being told to wear a robe inbetween poses…………I mean , why? The artists have all been ogling my naked form while they draw it, how is it suddenly offensive to be nude when they are not drawing? Humans are absolutely crazy.

And yes, I did include those images for no other reason than that I like show myself in my kilt………………..

(and whilst Im here I must inform you that a school in Brighton has become the first ever to offer a gender fluid uniform………….I would have been so much happier at that school and my uniform would have looked a million times better than the ill fitting trousers I was forced to wear, but thats another story)

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart





One thought on “Kilt, camouflage and catholics

  1. Being Protestant, I have to be very careful when I criticise Roman Catholics due to the Bad blood, but I imagine that situation is just as common in C of E schools, and yes I agree: does not compute. I presume that there are no Quaker schools with such associations, although they have their own issues.

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