One ignorant remark, one remark stronger

So today, for cash flow reasons, I worked the taxi in the morning, when I originally intended to be in the studio making fantastic paintings. In the afternoon I was doing my nude performance art, otherwise known as lifemodeling, at a not-to-be-named private college. Not named in order to save the guilty and the innocent from recrimination, not that I would expect any, really.

So that done, and not too bad either (normally Tuesdays are absolutely hopeless), I get changed into clean clothes…………………DSC_1018[2] having made the decision of which kilt to wear…………and set off.

this is me setting off;

no jacket, just the woolly jumper and a long scarf ( I recall one of Doctor, Who?’s assistants, Jamie I think he was called, wearing a kilt so I felt right at home)

I now know the way there without the satnav………go me! Anyway, I get there early, have a power nap, read some of Triggermortis (Im so annoyed at the gold paint thing, its tarnishing my enjoyment of this new Bond novel as I dont how much I can trust the other details in the book, but thats another story), and eventually go into reception. The lady there is now on first name terms with me, although I have no clue what her name is , and she writes out a visitor pass for me and asks me to wait for the escort.

While Im waiting there is a gorgeous young lady hovering in the corridor awaiting her escort too. I only mention this because she turned out to be part of the Royal Shakespeare Company ( wtf!?!) and there was a party of people and a van awaiting directions to a suitable building entrance…………….can you imagine the RSC  at a state school? No, me neither, it really is a diferent world…………..anyway, I digress……..

So while Im waiting three men come into reception, two builders needing visitor badges and one man who seemed known to staff and who I therefore believe to be a janitor or something…………….He said something. I couldnt make out all the words due to his poor enunciation and the fact he was laughing as he said it. But…………(always a but, you could hardly contain yourselves could you?)…………I DID hear “…….blah blah blah in a skirt like that….blah blah” and he was looking at me as he said it.

I reacted but not quite as I might have done in the past………….I simply said, “Its a kilt”. He replied, “ah, so  you dont sound Scottish though, hehehehe ” the laughter of a bully. “So, you have to be Scottish to wear a kilt? what about the Irish, and a tiny minority of Welsh, and traditional Cornishmen, and Bretons, and a whole host of Americans?”

“oh, right, so which one are you then?” now wearing a silly grin, but at least he has stopped the stupid laughing.

“Im none of them, Im British, Im all of them.”

” oh, err, ah, well, haha” now we have nervous laughter. He looks at the other two quite burly men who have never laughed or even smiled during this whole time. He shuffles off to get on with his business.

Made me feel stronger. I stood up without getting upset and defended my right to wear what the bloody hell I feel like wearing whenever I feel like wearing it. One stupid remark from one stupid person. Failed to ruin my day, in fact, rather made my day instead.

I wouldnt want this every day, mind you. I do much prefer it when people say nowt. I dont do confrontation very well at all.

So anyway, two classes posed for. Lovely students, all so polite, all just get on with it and all rather talented. I wish I could work here all the time, but maybe in a diferent capacity. Wishful thinking.

This was me coming home, bright blue sky, sunshine (on the righteous) and a lovely breeze up the trussocks !! lol

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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