I was listening to the food programme today on radio four, all about pallete change…………not the wooden platforms but taste preferances……………..one lady said her pallet changed, but didnt know why, and the food she used to like now she didnt and consequently she lost weight and her life changed. Another said that change in taste can be deliberately brought about………..I dont know if that is possible or not, but it made me think . Its all about outlook really isnt it. I mean, I think we have got it wrong, the way we approach health care and life generally……………we got it wrong, but I dont know why.

It seems to me that we all spend time trying to cheat life by not dieing. Doctors spend their days ensuring we dont die to the detriment , sometimes, of our life quality.  Even the government spends time and money on trying to help us all not die. Yet its the one certaintly for all of us.

So maybe we should alter our outlook.

Maybe, instead of starting with the idea that we can live longer and longer, maybe we should start by admitting that we are going to die.

The longer we live the more we are prone to procrastination so maybe if we start off by knowing and admitting that death is just around the corner we might start getting things done rather than putting them off to another day.

As an old lady in my taxi said just the other day……….”We are all going to die, so what are you waiting for?”

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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