Emperor Wardrobe, Davy Jones the non monkee

where do I begin? with a capital/capitol letter? ok, rewind.

Where do I being?

There was a story, which Im sure all three of you are aware of, called The Emperors New Clothes, in which the Emperor was persuaded that this very special suit of clothing, which apparently must have included underkegs too, although I dont recall that being mentioned, that only really really special people could see. So naturally the Emperor, being of the mindset that says “Im really really special”, bought it, and wore it outside of his castle. All his loyal subjects agreed that he must be special to wear such a glorious suit. This also meant that they were special too as they could see it, which really should have annoyed the Emperor as it just meant he must have been common, not that special at all, but that wasnt mentioned in the story. However, one little boy dressed in innocence pointed out that the Emperor was, in fact, naked.

Sharp intake of breath.

Probably a slap round the ear from his Mum too.

Now, where is this going? Its going into art, of course, and a thread where my honest opinion was berated for being negative………..so we cant be honest anymore in case we lose friends on facebook………..HA!

Look at this;

I was going to post a picture to illustrate, in art, the Emperors Wardrobe


Look at this;

I was going to post an alternative picture.

I decided NOT to post any images as it suddenly dawned on me that maybe its in the eye of the beholder, but it just seems to me that if its all about the idea, not the execution………..

this from the Tate;   Conceptual art is art for which the idea (or concept) behind the work is more important than the finished art object. It emerged as an art movement in the 1960s and the term usually refers to art made from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s.

……….then why bother making anything when a description of the idea would suffice and, probably, take up a lot less space? For me, this is the art equivalent of the Emperors New Clothes.

For me, art can have a theme, an idea, a concept, behind it, but it should also be nice on the eye. For me, arts first function is decorative. This of course probably doesnt go down well in the post-graduate artworld. I dont know for sure. Ive never done it. Never will do it.

Lets have a nice image here to calm the waters of my mind, and perhaps yours.


“What Else?” by Steve B Robinson. Mixed media on canvas


Some folk are fed up with crucifixual imagery (well, one anyway, a shewolf whose name will not be mentioned) but this speaks of many aspects of a persons life. It happens to be a self portrait. It happens that I think Im agnostic if not atheist. It happens that I grew up with old fashioned R.E. at school, and sunday school before that, so I know of some of the Bible stories (unlike my own kids who know nothing of any of it……….is that a good thing? I dont know. It does leave them with no literary references for moral or spiritual  pointers) . It happens that this image tells the world something about me. But it also happens that its quite easy on the eye. It also happens to link in with Davy Jones the non monkee. He had explored many spiritual things in his life, at one point calling himself a Tibetan Buddhist. His last album, Black Star, together with the videos he made to accompany his music also says something along these lines. In the video of the title song, it comes to a close with three scarecrows affixed cucifixially. Three, as in the famous biblical story. This is saying something. It is intriguing. But it is firsly, interesting on the eye.

I miss Bowie. NO, thats not true. You cant miss somebody you never knew or even met. I miss the idea of more  new works coming from him. I miss the never ending mystery of his mind. I feel that perhaps his story hasnt been completed, and  yet, looking at his videos for Black Star, perhaps he has said it all after all. Perhaps it’s in the mind of the observer.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

(sometimes that last part I find really difficult sometimes)

Isi Tart





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