Scary Monster, Super Creeps

the title relates to what Im currently listneing to on Spotify.

But it did make me think of people who control or who want to control the rest of us.

Boris Johnson……………strangely likeable but clearly out to line his own pockets never mind what misery he may cause the rest of us……..for months writing how we should stay within the EU and now coming out in favour of leaving the EU.

Donald Trump…………. strangely unlikeable and clearly out to line his own pockets never mind what misery he may cause the rest of the world…………..mega rich despite three failed businesses.

David Cameron………..strangely unlikeable and clearly out to line his tailors pockets and never mind the misery he may cause the rest of us……….fout bloody months to bore us to death with EU referendum misdirections from both sides………..The only good thing is that he has demonstrated just how useless he is by negotiating virtually nothing for the UK within the EU and has managed to split his own party down the middle thus ensuring he wouldnt be the next leader, so that unlike Farage, he cant make a comeback.

I dont see anyone seriously challenging them…………Thats the real issue……

Another issue is terrorism……and I dont want to put ideas in their heads, but I guess Im pretty safe here as nobody reads this blog anyway……but the idea that aeroplane travel is riskier than rail because its targeted by terrorists is either  a misdirection to encourage terrorist eyes on the flying problem or they are dense to have not thought about this or….or……..but listen, We have to arrive at airports two hours before flight time in order to get checked in. Our bags are xrayed, as are we too,prior to boarding the aircraft….Trainstations though have just as many people milling about, the trains carry four or five times more people, none of them have had their bags checked, or xrayed, the people havent walked through metal detector arches, Ive never seen sniffer dogs at major railstations, and yet a bomb on a packed train traveling at over 100 mph would cause so much more death and devastation than the average plane bombing. So my question is this…………..why are air travellors more important than rail travellers?

Another scary monster is the EU problem………there seem to be no real facts either way, just supposition and fear and assumptions………..the only fact for me is that they sneaked it from being the EEC to the EU without asking any of us…….so much for democracy. And so this brings us back to the beginning…………what if the EU leaders are anything like the ones Ive mentioned? How would we know? We know nothing about any of the various countries leaders. We know Angela Murkel is a christian democrat, that while she studied she joined a fundamental christian group and this is pretty much how she lives now, and explains her stand on admitting more people into Germany…….until she realised there were now too many and that some of them were raping good Frauliens………I know nothing of the french leader….not even his name……….nor the Belgian leader, or the Spanish or the Italian, or any of them really. They could be as equally irrational and self serving as the ones who started this diatribe.

Basically, we are fucked if we stay and fucked if we leave, the question is which way would be the lesser fuckup?

While we wait for that information Im going to make 60 arty things to commemorate my 60  years on the shitty plane existance, im going to get my mate to photograph all my worthy paintings , and Im going to hide myself inside the music of a black star.


Love all, hurt none , and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart



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