souls and ……………..

The terms soul and ghost are often used interchangeably. Most people ...  this is not a ghost , except that it is a ghost of an image of possibly somebody not actually there in person when the photograph was taken. It could therefore be a photoshop fraud. Or, it could be an echo of somebody who left an impression in that place at a time prior to the photograph being taken and developed. (this makes me wonder if it still happens with digital cameras or if it is something to do with the chemical process of developing images from negatives into positives on paper containing silver, but thats another issue).

Whatever this is, it isn the soul of a departed person.

Somebody commented in another blog on this topic that they agreed that ghosts exist but only as an echo, an imprint, a finger print to use metaphors in order to explain the unexplainable. I agree with this.

The soul is something very diferent, in my opinion / belief. The soul has no fixed shape, no face, no body. It is something ethereal. Godlike. Maybe even a portion of that thing that people might call god, for surely if we agree there is a god then we must also agree that said god has no physical form.

Where it exists in the human vehicle is unknown and is not neccessarily in the brain. As the spark that animates this bag of water is comprised of nothing physical it can reside anywhere, and nowhere. It is not to do with intelligence, for surely that lies within the brain. It is, surely, something not quite emotional and not quite intellectual and not quite pure energy. It leaves the body upon death of the body and has been seen, by an old mate of mine actually, as a silver cord. This is of course contained within the Spiritualist edicts and he is a spiritualist so he could have persuaded himself to see it when it didnt actually exist. Whatever.

The Thought Police come in here. For spiritualists the police say that the silver cord exists. Apparently Christians dont believe in a soul at all, according to somebody in my ken, which was news to me. The Thought Police definitely exist though. I have evidence of them on facebook. I know a man who likes to wear skirts, but also likes to be naked (and no, Im not talking of myself even though I could be) and he likes to post naked pics of himself. FB of course, get complaints and force him to remove them. He has now taken to uploading pics of himself naked but with his penis not showing, because this is all fb is actually concerned with, willies and ladies nipples……… can torture an animal, kill an endangered species creature, show pics of beheadings and thats ok, just as long as you dont show dicks and nipps. Also, I discovered, one cannot say things like “there is still not a DONT LIKE button”, which I said in response to a posting of an artistic image on my newsfeed that I really didnt like. This, apparently, is negative and should never be said. I can now click on LIKE, HAPPY, ANGRY, etc, and they are all ok………although I would argue that angry is more negative than DONT LIKE. If I dont like something why should I not say so? it doesnt mean it isnt good, it just means I dont like it, but apparently we are not permitted to have opinions anymore and as all who know me know, or at least accuse me of is, Im opinionated.  With regard to the nudist, like he says, his status only goes to friends and fb friends (which are diferent animals, by the way) so why do they complain when they can simply unfriend him. That makes complete sense, but the Thought Police wont do that as they like to complain………..which is surely a negative thing to do. And so we go full circle.

Except the person who inspired the main part of this blog has ended their very long , and nicely illustrated blog, with the admission that actually, after long genuflection, they might agree now that I could be right.

And on that bombshell I will just say…………………

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart



One thought on “souls and ……………..

  1. There are things called “rods” and “orbs” which occur with digital cameras but are artifacts of the way the cameras work. Rods are insects with long exposures. The aliens in ‘Planet Of The Dead’, which is the one with the double-decker bus, are based on rods and there are people who honestly believe rods are flying creatures which move too fast for people to notice them. Orbs are white globe-like things which appear in pictures because of the shape of the lenses of digital cameras, which have very short focal lengths.

    I did once delete a load of pictures off a digital camera and take a lot more, then found that the old pictures were still visible in bits and pieces as ghosts with the pictures I’d just taken. I don’t understand how that could have happened given how JPEGs work. It was very odd.

    In a way, a ghost is a photograph of a person anyway.

    What about the idea that taking a photograph steals someone’s soul?

    I wonder what you mean by physical form. In a sense, a number has no physical form, but I presume you don’t mean that a soul is merely abstract.

    The silver cord thing – familiar with that from the plumber guy.

    I should clarify about the Christian soul thing. Lots of Christians would say the soul exists, of course. However, lots of Christians say the Bible says all sorts of things which it really, really doesn’t, a glaring example being that the Bible comes down heavily and clearly in favour of abortion something like seven times, but many Christians believe it’s against the Bible to practice abortion. But yes, one fairly straightforward reading of the Bible would strongly suggest that every time the word “soul” is used in English, it actually means “person”, as in “God breathed life into Adam and he *became* a living soul. There is also only one reference of a living person successfully contacting a dead person, and the rest of the time the dead are either described as “being conscious of nothing at all” or “asleep”. The trouble is, that would mean that if God then recreated a human, it would actually be an entirely new creation and it wouldn’t make sense to punish or reward them, which is why there has to be a soul in a different sense. You have the luxury of not being constrained by the Bible though.

    There comes a point where people are expected to switch off their brains because it’s naughty to have certain thoughts. My favourite example is that if people in Africa have lower I.Qs, it could be malnutrition and poisoning from all the mining and pollution, but you can’t say they have lower intelligence so it will be ignored and not sorted.

    But yes, possibly there are souls as you mean.

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