Thats a funny notion isnt it. Fame. What does it mean? Basically, I think it means that you are recognisable to people who dont actually know you. For instance, last year I had a painting on display and when I went to see it and the other art it shared space with, a lady who was invigilating saw me and exclaimed, Steve Robinson, the Skirted Artist ! DSC_0371[1]

So to her I must be famous.

Im probably now famous to a lady I met in a cafe on saturday where I had a hotchocolate after taking in an art show. She assumed I was scottish (cos i wore a kilt) and that I was tight and wouldnt pay for her drink (cos I wore a kilt).  DSC_0816[1]

She decided she could be racist, intimating that all Scotsmen were tightfisted. I told her that if I was Scottish I would be very offended. But maybe thats a type of fame that isnt really wanted. On the other hand she may have learned something so, hmm, maybe it was good in a non-good manner.

And now today I learn that somebody is writing a story about me.

Now that IS fame.

But now the paranoia is setting in. Is it about my art, my kilt, my hair loss and herbal remedy, or my water retention struggle? Or is it about something else entirely?

I shant be able to rest now until Ive read it, for good or ill. We learn something from everything.

Bowie penned a song called FAME. Just thought I should mention it.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


One thought on “Fame

  1. I’ll send you the story. It’s about an artist who’s kind of based on you but only in some ways…

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