somebody just wrote……….space is expanding…………but I ask how do we know….surely what we measure is that objects in space are moving away from each other…….but space itself may not be expanding, how could you know either way? we cant see the edge……..if it has an edge then it must be sitting inside something else, or alongside something else, like Great Britain has edges that sit alongside vast expanses of water that also then come into contact with other edges of land. Maybe this is space. Or maybe space is contained inside a huge glass bottle that sits on a shelf in Gods abode.

Somebody just wrote that if you dont believe in God then you must believe in alternate universes………….the science then goes into hypotype and I got lost in the big words. But I dont see why alternate universes would exist if God didnt, or vice verca (or vicky verka, as somebody else once said………somebody so famous Ive forgotten who they are).

The universe is clearly designed. I dont believe that can be accidental. I dont believe a loving God did it though. If that were true we wouldnt have the disasters, both natural and humanmade, that we have, because all would be well and hunky dory (had to get a Bowie reference in).

Bowie was always looking at aliens in a scifi way………….not for me……..I think he was looking into life, the universe, and everything and his last album, especially if you watch the accompanying videos, says as much. Almost, it intimates, he had solved his dillemmas and was now ok to leave the house, as it were. (kills me though that there will be nothing esle to come from him and that I will never have the chance to meet him now, but thats another story).

so anyway (ive ran out of capital letters, just so you know……..apparently the typogod didnt make enough……….i know, im being facetious………which can sound like a posh word for poo if youre a little bit drunk) just so you know……….I (found one lying around) dont believe in a god who has individuality, i think god is a word that we use to describe something we dont understand. i do think there are other universes, parallel to ours. did i just agree with what was written by somebody?

i have no idea.

please tell me when the mice have stopped experimenting on us.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart

p.s. Tim Fowler is having a solo exhibition at the LCD Leicester starting April 2, 2016 be there or we will assume black holes have appeared on the planet and you have fallen over the event horizon  into the dark mass of mysteriousnessIMG_20150902_174134[1]


One thought on “things

  1. Right, this’ll be a long one!

    Space and time are not “things” but relationships. Space is a way of saying where things are compared to each other, namely how far apart and in what direction a bit like temperature being a way of saying how hot or cold things are in compared to each other. It turns out that there is a maximum distance apart things can be, after which they start getting closer together because the direction they’re in reverses, which means space is limited but not infinite. Time and space are closely connected. That’s if you agree with the Big Bang theory, which I don’t for reasons I’ve mentioned before.

    The way you would tell if everything is expanding is that light would seem to be slowing down all the time. Light in a vacuum always travels at the same speed regardless of how fast you are moving. Eventually there would be relativistic effects even at walking speed and space and time would get noticeably screwed up. You would find, for example, that a car would take less time to the driver to get there than it would for the people at points A and B.

    There’s no reason you shouldn’t believe both in design and parallel universes. I don’t understand how the universe got designed. I have a lot of sympathy with the idea of an indifferent God but had the impression that you believed there was no God at all, loving or otherwise.

    Capitals are overrated. The Arabs get along fine without them.

    Yes, I do agree there are parallel universes. In fact there must be, or this Universe would look too well-designed.

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