wh0 the fxxx is alice?

as I sit here I am having my eardrums (should that be two words?) massaged by Alice Cooper via his album, Muscle of Love………..I bought the vinyl years ago when it was new…….it came in a cardboard box rather than the usual sleeve. I like it lots……..but………(always a but)………….its NOT as good as KILLER…..oh my diety……..even after all these years I still cant breathe when I listen to it, and not just one track but all of them, even the last one where he gets hanged and I find myself berating myself for never actually experiencing these greats live, back in the day……….its an amazing album.

He isnt quite on the same par as Bowie was for me as he got stuck in this theatre of his, of evil, of malcontent, etc, which is hard to maintain when youre 60 years old. Whereas Bowie changed personna and music constantly. Although actually that may not be completely true. It seems to me that Bowies work post Heroes were in the same vein but maybe the nuances are too subtle for my small mind.

The point I was going to make via this little blog though was this……………my generation had The Beatles, who without doubt moved the popular music lines forward which led to bands such as Alice Cooper and David Bowie. It could even be said that Alice Coopers theatrical make up allowed Bowie to adopt his makeup (both were theatrical acts), and this led to Marc Bolan, the Sweet , Petshop Boys, Culture CLub getting on stage in outragious (for the then adults) attire…..its all so normal now that hardly anyone bothers. Bowie stopped bothering….Cooper, it is said, now has permantently blackened eyes due to years of over mascaring……..Jagger once wore a dress on stage……..lets not forget The Rolling Stones who now believe their own marketing as being the most important rock and roll group ever (jagger said this the other day in a tv interview)….clearly they werent.

But where are this generations idols? they are mostly just pretty boy bands. Nobody is going anything crazy or boundary pushing. I feel so sorry for them these days.

Its like space travel. We used to sit and watch the countdown, glued to the little black and white screen and these days they dont even know a space ship has been launced.

maybe todays icons are ourselves as we seem intent on filling up the digital world with selfies.

It doesnt bode well for the future of mankind , if you ask me…………which you werent.

anyway……..just a little warble about something on my mind.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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